Tuesday, October 23, 2007

...and finally a bride!!

IT HAPPENED! After I realized that Fred didn't actually fall, he was just on one knee, I apparntly said yes. Although, it was all such a blur, I don't quite remember. One minute I was gazing over the cliff looking at the river and the next I was engaged!!Needless to say these past few days have been so foggy. Fred & I got engaged on Saturday. We headed to LI on Sunday and told my parents in person. That was awesome!! My mom was so excited and my dad gave Fred a big hug!! Unfortunately I spent Monday in between the bed & bathroom. What a way to celebrate - with a stomach virus!! The one day I was actually anxious to get to work so I could hsare the news with my friends. But I am back today and ready to start planning a wedding!! But not without a few pictures first...

I was wondering why he was pacing around...just minutes before he proposed...

right before he popped the question....

and right after...a little shocked still!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Once, Twice, Three times a bridemaid

My brother did it!! He got married this past Saturday!! It is still a little surreal to me. It was such a wonderful day! The weather was perfect! The bride & groom were happy! Everyone had a great time! Jill did a wonderful job planning this day, I don't think she forgot a single detail. As I said in my speech, my family is lucky to have her. I can see how happy she makes my brother. They are a great couple.
I can tell how good of a time I had by how many pictures I took. When I am having a blast, I ten to forget about my camera. Fred took most of the pics and total there were only about 30 - so you know I was having fun!!! Here are a few shots...

Monday, October 8, 2007

Cows & Pumpkins...what more could a girl ask for?

Friday night Fred & I headed down to MD to visit with his sister & her family. We had such an exciting weekend! Not only was it so fun to spend time with everyone but they had all sorts of fun things planned for us. Knowing about my obsession with cows, Fred's sister Kim found a creamery we could visit. There, we were able to watch the cows being milked and got to feed the calves. I think I might have enjoyed it more than the kids. Definitely more than Fred's brother in law Vince who grew up on a farm and did things like this on a daily basis! But for me, Vince was like Captain Kangaroo. He answered all my silly questions about cows & farm life. It was so cool!!

Next stop was at a pumpkin patch. A real one where the pumpkins were still on the vine! We took a tractor ride out to the field, picked our pumpkins then got a tractor ride back. It was so cool!! Fred was on a search for a white pumpkin but didn't find any he liked. Me, I'll stick with the orange ones!! After that we went out for dinner. I am still impressed by how good Fred's nieces were in the restaurant. You barely knew they were there!!

Sunday morning we got up and went to church and then out to breakfast. After that we packed up and headed home. It was such a great weekend and now that I think of it, the first time I had ever been to MD. What a great first impression...cows & pumpkins that grow on vines!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Halloween Layouts @ Sparta Stationery on Oct. 27

Drum roll please....I am finally making my NJ teaching debut. Thanks to Denise at Sparta Stationery for letting me join her team. And thanks to Genia & Mindy for being just plain awesome. I will be teaching a "Halloween Layouts" class on October 27 @ 10am. Details are below. The samples will be in the store.
You can call the store to reserve your seat. 973-729-8787

Class Description:
Get ready for Halloween with two un-BOO-lievable double page layouts. We will be making a spooky Halloween layout and a layout about carving pumpkins. It’s the perfect way to welcome in this SPOOK-tacular holiday! Cost $25. Please bring your own adhesive & scissors.