Friday, November 30, 2007

Anyone care for an update?

Ok, I realize there are about 2 of you out there who actually read this and that may even be an exaggeration. But I like to pretend I have a great big audience of adoring fans who wait patiently for each of my blog postings!! HAAA!!! Well a girl can dream, right?? But for those of you who do actually read my nonsense (I mean the ones who do it willingly, not the ones I force), I thank you, all one of you.
So here is an update on the bridal party for those of you interested in wedding news....I had previously forgot to put the kids in so I added them. And I know that is a silly picture of Jamie, but that is all I could find. It's from when we went to Space Farm this summer. Him and Becca posed in an old fashioned jail cell.

So not much other news around here. I have been a little blah this week. Just homesick I think. Sometimes the commute gets to me too. I do 150 miles round trip each day. It gets a little grueling. Although I have mastered eating McDonalds's cinnamon melts while driving 80 miles per...uh...I mean while driving the speed limit of course!! For those of you who have tried these gooey morsels, you know that is impressive!! Although if Fred reads this (which I am sure he will because other wise he hears "did you read my blog?" every 10 minutes) he is gonna have a shit fit on me. He says I do too many other things while driving. But let's face it - I spend 1/4 of my waking hours a day in the car. (I just figured that out!! Damn!!!)

My mom is coming to Paramus tonight. I am super excited for that. Her and Aunt Ro are meeting me after work. I am taking them to the Christmas Tree Shoppe. There are non of those on Long Island. And, for those of you who know my mom well enough, know that she leaves no shopping opportunity undiscovered. So, she is crossing the river, not to see her daughter, not to see where I work, but to SHOP!!! Well I am sure she is happy to see me also!!

And a random cute photo to say Happy Friday everyone!!!!!! Hope your weekend ROCKS!!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

And the next contestant is...

...Kim!! I had the pleasure of asking Fred's sister to be in my bridal party this weekend while we were visiting Fred's parents for Thanksgiving.

We had such a blast! We got into town Wednesday night and met everyone at The Big Easy, a New Orleans style restaurant. The best part...I got to have grits for dinner! This place was a lot of fun. There was live music that Fred's nieces enjoyed dancing too and the food was great! Thursday was a very relaxing day with a great dinner!! This was probably the first or second time I had turkey on Thanksgiving. The usual feast at my aunt's house includes so much food prior to the turkey that I never have room left!! I even enjoyed a leftover turkey sandwhich on Friday!! We returned home to finish cleaning that started prior to my mom's hospital visit. The house had stayed in a state of disaster for a week. That was a relief to get everything in order. By last night I was exhausted. I fell asleep with Hazel in one arm and Bailey in the other!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

*** Not so Breaking News ***

There has been an update to the bridal party announcements. Although she is pictured as a blond, her hair is currently very dark brown. Thanks for saying yes, Nikki!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Krispy Treat Saga

As a kid Rice Krispie Treats were my FAVORITE. In 8th grade when we had to do a demonstrative speech, I taught everyone how to make Rice Krispie Treats. You can imagine how excited I was the first time I notice that Starbucks sold Rice Kripie Treats. Although, they were better. MUCH better. They call them Krispy Rice Squares, or something to that effect. They are much much bigger than an average RKT. And they are less sticky, much more dense. I love them.
So the other day at work I shared this story with my co-workers. This is a true story that happened on my way home from work not too long ago.
I stopped at a rest stop on the NY Thruway. I went to Starbucks, ordered my usual. As I walked to the car, I noticed the bag that held my block of marshmallow krispy goodness, was lighter than usual. I got to the car and I was astonished when I removed it from the bag. It was about a third of the size it normally is and was clearly NOT a Starbucks Krispy Rice Square. How was I sure you ask....have you ever bought the pre-packaged RKT in the store? You know the ones you put in your kids lunchbox. (BTW, do kids still take lunch boxes to school?) Anyway, they come pre-wrapped in a blue foil package. Well when I took my treat out of the Starbucks baggie and turned it over, what to my wondering eyes did appear.....A PIECE OF BLUE FOIL WRAPPER STUCK TO IT, MY DEAR!!!!!! Those mother f*&^ers at Starbucks took a Kellogs RKT, unwrapped it and put it on the shelf and sold it as their own. MAN WAS I PISSED. What action did I take, you ask? I wrote to Starbucks. They sent me coupons for free drinks. WHAT ABOUT MY KRISPY RICE SQUARE, DAMMIT!!! My co-workers laughed. I am forever scarred.

When I came into work this morning, this was on my desk.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some good nuggets of my life...

Nuggets...the little bits of goodness in my life. Be they tangible or non, I notice them, I love them and I am thankful for them. Here are a few from my day.

Nugget #1: Hazel curled up in between the pillows. (This pleases the animal lover in me.) Who knew this rescued little kitty would end up to be such a loving part of our lives.

Nugget #2: New stamps from Inque Boutique. (This pleases the scrapbooker in me.) They are awesome and CHEAP!

Nugget #3: The fact that my friend Laura posted a message that she is looking for a place to live.....IN NJ!!!! WOO HOO!!! WELCOME HOME BABY!!! (This pleases the friend in me) She is awesome.

That's right you sexy bitch...I jacked that pick right from your blog.

Nugget #4: I am marrying a very sexy man. (This just plain pleases me.) Damn, I adore him.

Nugget #5: There is going to be a chocolate fountain at our wedding. (This please the female in me.) I can not wait for this day!!

These are the nuggets of my life. I ask you, can it get any better?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Happenings

It seems as though Fred & I are on the uphill climb of goodness these days. I always see life as a big circle. It goes around and around through the good and the not so good. Right now we are on GREAT!!!
Friday night I asked Stacey & Erin to be in my wedding. They were excited. I am so lucky to have such great friends. It was so awesome to see them, I wish I could spend time with them more often. I saw some beautiful pictures from Stacey & Scott's wedding.
This past Saturday we booked our hall for our wedding reception. There was one place that I was really hoping for but did not think it was gonna happen. It ended up being the first place we visited and the last!! Our reception will be held at Westbury Manor, Westbury NY. The place is so pretty and there are lots of fun surprises planned!!

On Sunday (As if things could get any better right now) I was asked to be part of something very special for 2008. I am not at liberty to discuss but promise to post details as soon as I can.

Yesterday (Nov. 12) was Bailey's 4th birthday. I have had that little guy for 3 1/2 years now. I fed him some chicken that Fred made and we sang to him. Thanks to my cousin Mike for remembering. He always does. One of the many reasons I love him. Here is a picture from 2005 of Bailey & his grandma in my old apartment.

So as it currently stands our wedding party line up is as follows: (We still have not had the opportunity to ask everyone, so check back for updates)

Classes at Riverside Scrapbook Company

Thanks to Ann, I have recently joined the team at Riverside Scrapbook Company. I have some great classes coming up. Call Today to reserve your seat 570-491-CROP (2767). Hope to see you there!!

Happy Holidays: A Card Creation Celebration - Sat. Dec 1

Kick off the Holiday season with Gina and make your very own holiday
greeting cards! Join us on Saturday, December 1 from 11 a.m. to 4
p.m. for our Card Creation Celebration. We will welcome in the
holidays with music, snacks, prizes, and your very own homemade
greeting cards. Lunch will be included. Bring your scissors,
adhesive, and your holiday spirit – everything else will be provided.
Yule have endless fun learning different techniques and creating five
each of five different cards (25 cards in all). Cost is $50, lunch

Calendar Memories - Thur. Dec. 6 & 13 OR Sat. Dec. 15

Get ready to scrapbook a year in your life! Join Gina for this unique
class and build your very own 12 x 12 monthly calendar using
Chatterbox. At the end of each month, the page can be removed and
placed right into your scrapbook! It's the perfect way to revisit
your favorite memories while building a great keepsake. These make
wonderful holiday gifts! Join us on Thursday, December 6 (7 pm-9 pm),
Thursday, December 13 (7 pm-9 pm), OR Saturday, December 15 (10 am-2
pm). Cost is $30.

2008: (Descriptions & Pictures coming soon)

Valentine Cards - Thur. Jan. 31, 7-9pm
Valentine Cards - Sat. Feb. 1, 10am-12pm

Valenting Mini Book - Thur. Feb. 7, 7-9pm
Valentine Mini Book - Sat. Feb. 9, 10am-13pm

Friday, November 9, 2007

I am 1 in 601!!!

It's here!!! Well not here here. But it is in stores, on shelves, online. My first ever published scrapbook page!! The book is out. 601 Great Scrapbook Ideas published by Making Memories. I have not yet recieved my copy so I couldn't even tell you what page I am on, but once I do, I'll be sure to post. If anyone wants a copy, let me know. I can get it 50% Off.

Going back to the island

I am really excited and wish this day would hurry up!! I am going to Long Island with Fred tonight after work. We are headed right to Stacey's. Erin & Brian will be there. I have not seen these girls since Stacey's wedding. (picture below). I am so excited. Erin & I have already planned on jumping up and down and hugging when we see each other. And I can't wait to talk to the both of them about somethig very special. We are ging to have some hordouvres at Stacey's, then go out to dinner.
Tomorrow is reception hall day!!! Mom has 3 places planned for us to visit. I am excited for this. I think it means that it is all real and this wedding thing is really happening. I need to get in gear and finish making my wedding planner.
I collected a bunch of cool stuff for this. Since my wedding is on Halloween next year, I designed the planner using all my Halloween goodies I collected over the past few months. Back in September I bought a really awesome Halloween kit at Pieces of Time in Flemington, NJ. I bought a K&Co. Halloween Stack at AC Moore. And the coolest item - Hambly rub ons that Laura bought me. Last night was the first time I used these and let me say L-O-V-E them!!! Wow these things work awesome. I used them alongside some other rub ons I had and what a difference!! It is almost impossible to tell the Hambly's were not print right onto the page. The others definitely paled in comparison to Hambly's. I promise to post pics of this project as soon as it is finished.
Have a Happy Scrappy Weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

OMG it's an SB LO!!

So I realized despite the title of my blog, I have not been holding true. So I pulled this layout out last night (that I started 2 months ago) and finished it up to post. It's not one of my more creative or artistic layouts. But I like it because it documents a funny part of life that Fred & I share.
I often enjoy scrpping about some specific part of my life, routine, etc. instead of the typical events. "Slap Cadillac" is this silly game we play when we are in the car together. It developed from "Punch Buggy". After the first time I "Punch Buggy-ed" Fred, he "Slap Cadillac-ed" me. I looked at him with total confusion and said "Did you just make that up?" He insisted this was a game he played in the car growing up. So of course my wheels started turning and I soon came up with "Cruiser Bruiser" as in PT Cruiser. I will admit this was not my first attempt. There were a few that didn't make the final cut. (i.e. Hug Me Honda, Nuggie Nissan - all difficult to do while driving). "Cruiser Bruiser" had a nice ring to it. It stuck. So now our car game consists of "Punch Buggy", "Slap Cadillac" & "Cruiser Bruiser".

Sunday, November 4, 2007

"Give Thanks" Fall Mini Book @ Sparta Staionery

Join me at Sparta Stationery on Saturday, November 10 @ 10am for a Thanksgiving Mini Book. In this class we will be creating a 6X6 mini album showcasing all of the people and/or things you are thankful for. Or you can use this book on Thanksgiving to keep record of what your guests are thankful for. Pages will be set up to showcase a photo on the right and pocket with a tag to write your journaling on the left. You can hand out the tags and have each person write sometheing or keep them for yourself and do your own writing. We will use Frances Meyer paper and embellishments from EK Success.
Call now to reserve your seat. 973-729-8787

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween on Spook Ridge - "Our -1 Year Wedding Anniversary"

Chuck & Janet did it again!! Another awesome Halloween display. With some help from a few neighbors (Jack, Sally, the Mayor) they pulled it off. Again this year when I watched Chuck pulling gummy body parts out of a corpse, all I could think of was Reanimator. (Thanks Billy for making me watch that {what seems like} a long time ago)

I couldn't resist getting dressed up. After Tom showed up to work dressed as Willy Wonka, I was itching to get in costume.

So as soon as I got home I pulled out one of my old favorites. I was like a kid on Halloween!! Only I was an adult on Halloween, same difference when it comes to me! I was so excited, I went right into costume, forgetting I needed to clean up a little. So I did housework in my costume. This made me come to a realization - costumes at our wedding may not be a good idea. Moving around in them can be difficult and uncomfortable. But, I think Sally has helped us figure this one out. I'll get to that in a minute.

Fred came home rather unsettled. Even though I had warned him previously with a phone call about the amount of kids in the hood, he still almost hit one. They were everywhere, and there are no street lights anywhere. A little girl ran right in front of his car. Although he was going slow, he still had to slam on the breaks so as not to hit her. Parents if you are reading this - please tell your kids it is very bad to do this. This parent did not. For some odd reason, she stood in the street smiling while Fred almost ran her kid over. So our Halloween started off a little crabby.
After some dinner and a few trick or treaters, we headed across the street. We chatted with The Mayor (John, the postmaster) Jack (Chris from down the block) Sally (still not sure who she is), Dracula (Bob from across the street whose name is Brian apparently) and a few others. We told everyone about our engagement and that we were getting married on Halloween next year. I practiced a little and sat at the wedding table.

Got to hangout with two of my faves - Jack & Sally. Sally was full of great ideas when she heard we were getting married on Halloween. I said I wanted them to come to our wedding so our guests could take pictures with them. Sally suggested instead of everyone coming in costume, we give them masks, like a masquerade. (If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on this, please email me.)

All in all it was another great Halloween spent with Fred in Montague. Although, I am sure nothing will compare to next Halloween! ; )