Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some good nuggets of my life...

Nuggets...the little bits of goodness in my life. Be they tangible or non, I notice them, I love them and I am thankful for them. Here are a few from my day.

Nugget #1: Hazel curled up in between the pillows. (This pleases the animal lover in me.) Who knew this rescued little kitty would end up to be such a loving part of our lives.

Nugget #2: New stamps from Inque Boutique. (This pleases the scrapbooker in me.) They are awesome and CHEAP!

Nugget #3: The fact that my friend Laura posted a message that she is looking for a place to live.....IN NJ!!!! WOO HOO!!! WELCOME HOME BABY!!! (This pleases the friend in me) She is awesome.

That's right you sexy bitch...I jacked that pick right from your blog.

Nugget #4: I am marrying a very sexy man. (This just plain pleases me.) Damn, I adore him.

Nugget #5: There is going to be a chocolate fountain at our wedding. (This please the female in me.) I can not wait for this day!!

These are the nuggets of my life. I ask you, can it get any better?

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Laura said...

I wish we could post audio comments here, because I would post one of me laughing out loud, or actually of me trying not to laugh out loud, since I am at work and should be working instead of reading your blog.

And then you would have audio of when I got to my own picture and I'm like "hunh? wha? how?" Then underneath my picture you told me how. Heh're a jacker!

I love you bunches and can't wait until we are both living on the same side of the river!! I am happy to be one of your nuggets. =)

Oh, and can we go to Westbury Manor and sample some of that chocolate goodness? I think they would frown on us sticking our faces in it like we were trying to drink from a water fountain though, so we'll have to come up with a different plan of attack. =)