Monday, November 26, 2007

And the next contestant is...

...Kim!! I had the pleasure of asking Fred's sister to be in my bridal party this weekend while we were visiting Fred's parents for Thanksgiving.

We had such a blast! We got into town Wednesday night and met everyone at The Big Easy, a New Orleans style restaurant. The best part...I got to have grits for dinner! This place was a lot of fun. There was live music that Fred's nieces enjoyed dancing too and the food was great! Thursday was a very relaxing day with a great dinner!! This was probably the first or second time I had turkey on Thanksgiving. The usual feast at my aunt's house includes so much food prior to the turkey that I never have room left!! I even enjoyed a leftover turkey sandwhich on Friday!! We returned home to finish cleaning that started prior to my mom's hospital visit. The house had stayed in a state of disaster for a week. That was a relief to get everything in order. By last night I was exhausted. I fell asleep with Hazel in one arm and Bailey in the other!

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Laura said...

Hey you changed some of the pictures on your bridal party sheet. Are you trying to confuse us? =)