Friday, November 9, 2007

Going back to the island

I am really excited and wish this day would hurry up!! I am going to Long Island with Fred tonight after work. We are headed right to Stacey's. Erin & Brian will be there. I have not seen these girls since Stacey's wedding. (picture below). I am so excited. Erin & I have already planned on jumping up and down and hugging when we see each other. And I can't wait to talk to the both of them about somethig very special. We are ging to have some hordouvres at Stacey's, then go out to dinner.
Tomorrow is reception hall day!!! Mom has 3 places planned for us to visit. I am excited for this. I think it means that it is all real and this wedding thing is really happening. I need to get in gear and finish making my wedding planner.
I collected a bunch of cool stuff for this. Since my wedding is on Halloween next year, I designed the planner using all my Halloween goodies I collected over the past few months. Back in September I bought a really awesome Halloween kit at Pieces of Time in Flemington, NJ. I bought a K&Co. Halloween Stack at AC Moore. And the coolest item - Hambly rub ons that Laura bought me. Last night was the first time I used these and let me say L-O-V-E them!!! Wow these things work awesome. I used them alongside some other rub ons I had and what a difference!! It is almost impossible to tell the Hambly's were not print right onto the page. The others definitely paled in comparison to Hambly's. I promise to post pics of this project as soon as it is finished.
Have a Happy Scrappy Weekend everyone!!

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