Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween on Spook Ridge - "Our -1 Year Wedding Anniversary"

Chuck & Janet did it again!! Another awesome Halloween display. With some help from a few neighbors (Jack, Sally, the Mayor) they pulled it off. Again this year when I watched Chuck pulling gummy body parts out of a corpse, all I could think of was Reanimator. (Thanks Billy for making me watch that {what seems like} a long time ago)

I couldn't resist getting dressed up. After Tom showed up to work dressed as Willy Wonka, I was itching to get in costume.

So as soon as I got home I pulled out one of my old favorites. I was like a kid on Halloween!! Only I was an adult on Halloween, same difference when it comes to me! I was so excited, I went right into costume, forgetting I needed to clean up a little. So I did housework in my costume. This made me come to a realization - costumes at our wedding may not be a good idea. Moving around in them can be difficult and uncomfortable. But, I think Sally has helped us figure this one out. I'll get to that in a minute.

Fred came home rather unsettled. Even though I had warned him previously with a phone call about the amount of kids in the hood, he still almost hit one. They were everywhere, and there are no street lights anywhere. A little girl ran right in front of his car. Although he was going slow, he still had to slam on the breaks so as not to hit her. Parents if you are reading this - please tell your kids it is very bad to do this. This parent did not. For some odd reason, she stood in the street smiling while Fred almost ran her kid over. So our Halloween started off a little crabby.
After some dinner and a few trick or treaters, we headed across the street. We chatted with The Mayor (John, the postmaster) Jack (Chris from down the block) Sally (still not sure who she is), Dracula (Bob from across the street whose name is Brian apparently) and a few others. We told everyone about our engagement and that we were getting married on Halloween next year. I practiced a little and sat at the wedding table.

Got to hangout with two of my faves - Jack & Sally. Sally was full of great ideas when she heard we were getting married on Halloween. I said I wanted them to come to our wedding so our guests could take pictures with them. Sally suggested instead of everyone coming in costume, we give them masks, like a masquerade. (If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on this, please email me.)

All in all it was another great Halloween spent with Fred in Montague. Although, I am sure nothing will compare to next Halloween! ; )

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