Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Biggest (TREE) Book

I have been working on this book since January. I finally decided to post a few pics. I have to admit, I am really happy with the way it turned out. I took so many pictures when Fred & I went to get our first tree that I decided to make them into a mini book. It was exciting for me since it was the first time I ever got a real tree. This book turned out rather bulky but I crammed lots of stuff in there. I used a chipboard book from Zsiage.
These are fabulous. Maybe next year I wont take so many pictures or I will just get a bigger book.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Officially Official

I am officially a NJ state resident. I went yesterday morning and got my driver's license. The saddest part...I had to surrender my NY license! I was hoping to keep it so I could go back and visit the Long Island beaches without paying! Oh well!! The nice thing though...the ladies sitting there waiting to help you! You know you are in the country when you are greeted with a smile at the DMV!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Early Morning Visitors

I woke up ridiculously early for a Saturday. I had to get to the DMV so I could finally get my NJ driver's license. I was in my towel walking into the bathroom and thought I saw a flurry of white outside. I quick put my contacts in and ran to the door. Sho'nuff there were deer!!! I got so excited, I ran and grabbed a loaf of bread and headed outside. At first they were afraid of me but then when I started tossing them food they were like "Ahhh yeeeaahhhh, it's all good, she is feeding us!" So there I was at 7am Saturday morning out on my deck in my blue bath towel feeding dear and of course...snapping pictures....

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Some random layouts...

I was going through some scrapbook albums last night and figured I'd post some layouts. I really like "A Whole New World". I had taken those pictures when I first moved to NJ and was driving around exploring the area. I scrapped the page on National Scrapbook Day. Beth had spent the night and we cropped all night long and the entire next day. The layout was finished but just needed something. Beth was looking through a box of scraps and found that mesh paper. It was exactly what I needed.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

He loves me...

...and I love him more than anything!! He started his new job on Monday. He is so happy and I am so happy for him. It is wonderful that he is home when I get home from work and we can have dinner together and now our weekends will be free!! Sorry to gush, I just love him so much!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Family Fun

Fred & I spent this weekend at his parents house in Pensylvannia. His sister was there with her two little daughters. They are the cutest! I had such a great time with them. And of course, Fred loves being their "Uncle Fwed". I am so lucky to have found a man whose family I adore as much as my own.

This is Fred with his nieces Merideth & Madison...

And Fred's dad (making his second appearance on my blog) with Merideth...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Baby Makes 3

Fred's brother & sister in law adopted a beautiful baby girl this past February. I am so happy for them. These a pictures from when she was first born that I had to turn into a page. So I went digital.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I AM so lucky...

Fred starts his new job on Monday! I am so happy & excited for him! Whew... it has been a rough few months! But I learned a lot and I still believe everything happens for a reason. One things is for sure - I am more in love with Fred than I thought I ever could be with anyone. He has been my rock. Through all the stress, he was definitely the strong one, strong for the both of us. And like he has said, if we got through this, we will get through anything. I know there is a sweet life ahead of us and I look forward to every minute of it, the good & the bad.

And a little about the layout...I am really excited about it. I have been doing a lot of digital scrapping while (ahem) busy at work. I found this awesome website (By the way- if anyone reading this knows how to make something a link on your blog, please email me. Thanks.) Anyway, digital scrapping. ROCKS!! What more can I say?
Initially I was against it. I felt since it was what I do all day for a living, why would I want to come home and do it? I felt it defeated the whole purpose of scrapbooking. But then I realized I was totally missing the point. For me, I didn't have to go home...NOW I CAN SCRAPBOOK AT WORK!!
This is definitely one of my favorite pages! I can't wait to go to work tomorrow and...scrapbook! Aaaahhh...a scrapper's life for me!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lucky for the Ladies In My Life (and Jimmy too!!)

Sunday was spent not just with my mom but some very special people in my life. My Dad's cousin Joanie was there. She spends every Mother's Day with us. She is a strong woman that I greatly admire. Also my (pseudo) sister Jen. Another woman that rocks!! I am so lucky to have these amazing ladies in my life. I also had to sneak in a picture of Jen's son Jimmy. He is just too cute!!

Monday, May 14, 2007


Sunday was such a great day! Fred & I spent it on Long Island with my family. I know my mom loves having everyone together like that! I made her a book called "What I Admire". She loved it so much she cried the entire time reading it!! (That's a good thing!) Here are some pics of it and of course one of me & my mom!!
My friend Beth showed me how to make those flowers. She is sooooo talented. Could you even imagine that they were simply cut from cardstock with a punch?!?! She has a whole technique to make them come to life.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Showin' sum Digi Luv!!

Here are a few digital pages I worked on recently...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Martha Martha Martha!

Yesterday I went to a taping of the Martha Stewart Show with some awesome ladies from my Hudson Valley Scrapper's group. We had such a blast!! These ladies are awesome! They are so much fun and I am so glad I met everyone of them. We had such a great time visiting the show and got some cool give aways! It was definitely inspiring being in a room with so many fellow scrappers. Oh and the best part - Peter Krauss from 6 Feet Under was there!!! He was the guy that played Nate.