Thursday, December 27, 2007

All I want for Christmas...I got!!

Warning: I am about to get mushy!!

Out of all the gifts I got and the wonderful people I got to spend Christmas with, nothing was as special as being with my sweets. We had a wonderful Christmas together and being with Fred is the best gift I could get. We spent Christmas Eve at my cousin's house and Christmas Day at my mom's. Needless to say I am still in desperate need of sleep - oping to catch up on that this weekend!
Uncle Bob took a great picture of Fred & I by my mom's tree that I was itching to scrap. So I downloaded some awesome kits from Shabby Princess and got to work. I also scrapped our engagement picture. I have a feeling this picture may get scrapped more than once. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The weather outside is frightful...

...but the alcohol inks are still flowing and my craftiness is still going!! Today is my cousin Mike's birthday. Happy Birthday to you baby!!! Last night I made this card for him and got to have lunch with him today.

It's always great to be around family, especially around Christmas and especially when you're as homesick as I have been. This is me & Mike from my brother's wedding.

Insert segway to eggnog here

Sprinkle some cinnamon on me and call me eggnog because according to, that's what I am!! Go see what tastey holiday treat you are!!

Also on the topic of holidays, check out these scenes from some holiday cards...just kidding!! These are a few places I passed on my way to work this morning. I felt like I was driving through a Thomas Kinkaid Christmas card. One of the rare beauties of living in the middle of nowhere!! I love the way these came out. I did not alter them at all. This is exactly how they came off my camera! They kinda look like painting.

And of course Christmas would not be complete if I did not jump on the bandwagon and "Elf Myself"! Since you could only do 4, I elfed our 4 cats. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

6 Days til Christmas and all is well...

It's almost here!! I am so excited!! I love Christmas more than Halloween. (Although at Halloween I will tell you just the opposite!!) Last night Fred & I were the recipients of a complete RAK!! (Random Act of Kindness) We had errands to run and Christmas shopping to finish after work. So we stopped off at the diner for a quick bite. When we got into the parking lot, it was packed!! I said "Are they giving something away for free?" Well they were!! When we walked in we were greeted by the owner in his Cowboys Santa hat. It was the Milford Diner's Christmas party and all their customers were invited!! We enjoyed a delicious meal - on the house!! How nice was that!! Although the kitchen was closed for ordering there was a big buffet of food set up for our eating enjoyment!! There were salads, baked ziti, sausage & peppers, chicken marsala & more!! It was so nice. We hungout for a bit and chatted with some locals and of course our favorite waiter Nick!! It was one of those unexpected times that made me feel all warm and fuzzy!!

Now for the craftiness!!

I have been stocking up on Distress Inks little by little and having so much fun trying new techniques. I was totally inspired by "Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of Christmas." I even made it into a manual and shared it with everyone in my yahoo groups. If you would like a copy feel free to email me! Last nigh I made this snowy card for a friend. It was a little different spin on the technique from Tag #2. I used the emboss resist technique with VeraMark ink and clear embossing powder on white cardstock. Then I used Weathered Wood & Broken China Distress Ink on the craft mat. After it dried I went in again and stamped the snowflakes with Broken China. And of course, finished it off with Stickles!!

Now for the wedding update

Fred asked another one of his friends to be a groomsmen. I don't have a picture of Jim so I did the next best thing. We almost have everyone!!

I had so much fun turning Jim into a Simpson's character, next time I get bored I just might make a whole Simpson's bridal party!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

All the girls are accounted for

We were on Long Island yesterday for my mom's birthday. We suprised her by taking her to Yonkers Raceway to do a little gambling. When we got home we surprised her again by having the family over. I finally got my opportunity to ask Michelle to be a bridesmaid. That's everyone!! All my girls have been asked. Now Fred just has 2 more guys to ask and we are all set.
Mom's birthday was great!! We really had a fun time and she seemed to enjoy herself!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

What I did on Saturday

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent most of my time on Saturday in my scrapbook room. So I thought I would share what I actually did while I was in there. My mom turns 60 on Monday but we are heading out to Long Island today to celebrate with her. So, I made her a card and this picture frame. The card was a technique I learned from Robin Beam's website. It's called the "bandana technique". I had been dying to try it and thought this was the perfect opportunity. It is such a versatile technique. I can't wait to get more distress inks so I can play around some more!! The possibilities are endless and it was just a lot of fun.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturday in my craft room

Today was a good day spent. We got lots of odds & ends done. While Fred did some baking I was hanging out in my craft room. (a.k.a. the spare room) When I moved in, Fred said I could have the spare room as my scrapbook room. All he asked was that I kept the bed in there for when we have visitors. So, I pushed the bed as far into the corner as I could get it and took over the rest of the room. I found plate shelves at IKEA that worked great for things like stamps, stickles, ink pads, etc. I had a butcher block also bought from IKEA that I dragged with me when I moved from Long Island. My craft table and bookshelves are also (you guessed it!) from IKEA. Now mind you, I have been here for over year. I figured it was finally time to share. So here it is, the room where I don't get to spend nearly enough time...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

NBC Fun!!!

My friend Laura rocks!! This morning she sent me a link to a blog with free Nightmare Before Christmas brushes for Photoshop. Oh what fun!! I had already been contemplating working on some digital layouts and perhaps downloading some new stuff. Once I saw this I was off and running. These were so fun to play with. If anyone needs help on how to install and use these or even how to create your own brushes from just about anything, please feel free to email me!

So Fred & I have been watching Tin Man on Sci-Fi since Sunday night. Or I should say Fred has been watching it. Since I have been battling a cold since Sunday, I have been fast asleep by almost 9:00 every night. He did say it was getting better and better. But, we did both come to the conclusion that Zooey Deschanel is just a really bad actress. We both agreed this would have been a better watch with someone else playing the lead role. It's weird becuase I was wowed by her in Elf. But that could be becuase I am a sucker for stupid Will Ferrell comedy and that is since my favorite movie. But after seeing her in Tin Man, I changed my mind. She seems like a robot. Nothing she says has any feeling. I was shocked to find out that she will be playing Janis Joplin in the upcoming "Gospel According to Janis". I'm interested to see how she pulls this off. And that's all I got for today!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Silent Morning

Mornings are very quiet for me, however filled with many things to be thankful for. I always have morning buddies. There is always some combination of Merv, Pinto, Bailey and/or Hazel around. This particular morning Hazel & Bailey were hanging out. Bailey usually follows me everywhere. Here he was sitting on the tub while I brushed my hair. It seems that he thinks since his body is hidden no one can see him. He's silly like that.

Then I caught a glimpse of Hazel running into the closet so I went to see what she was doing. Apparently she was cleaning herself - incognito!! No surprise becuase she certainly never cleans herself in front of anyone. There is a reason why we call her stinky.

She kinda meanders around until I am ready to put my makeup on. Then our time comes. As soon as I sit on the bed she curls up right next to me as close as she can get. That's where she stays. Even when I leave, she will still be sitting there curled up on the bed.

When I did leave this morning, I was a little surprised. I thought the snow had stopped. I was wrong, it was lightly falling and was so peaceful. It's moments like this that I am greatful to have the experience of living in the country. It was so silent and still. When I move on from here I will have to remember to look back on moments like these.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Tree...Take 2

Fred and I set out yet again this past Saturday to find the perfect tree in celebration of our 2nd Christmas together. Right from the start we decided we were not getting the gargantuan tree like we did last year. It was just too much. I have to admit, it was a little difficult to pick out. We went to the same place as last year. After much deliberation, we finally picked one out. As you can see below, we basically went from a tree to a bush.

But when we got it home, it was perfect. We both got caught up in the holiday spirit. Well actually Fred did not have much choice after witnessing my dance number to Run DMC's "Christmas in Hollis". Becuase rhymes so loud and proud you hear it. It's Christmas time and we got the spirit! In fact, I think he was so moved by my moves, he actually put on a Santa hat when he swore he never would!!

The only thing is this...there is a Christmas mystery. We seem to have lost some ornaments. We found all of my krinkle collection and some balls and swirly things. But, we can not find our box of miscellaneous ornaments. This has become a bit of a mystery. Fred pulled out every container from the shed and they were nowhere. So we thought we were just gonna have to do without. Then a Christmas miracle...Fred's mom called last night and said she was sending us a box of ornaments. It's funny the way things work out!!!