Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gimme 5!

I'm not sure of the reason causing my lack of blogging lately. The only thing I can come up with is that things happen so fast that by the time I get a second to blog, something new is going. Plus I have been so busy at work that there are just not enough hours in my day.
So I started my morning off with a little surfing as usual. I somehow wandered onto this blog and figured I would copy her idea of 5 things. So here goes:

5 things

Five years ago I had just graduated with my Master's Degree from CW Post. I was working as an Art Director on Long Island.

5 snacks I love:
- Ranch flavored rice cakes
- Snyder's of Hanover Butter pretzel sticks
- microwave popcorn
- Smart Food popcorn
- cheese

5 things on my to do list today
- concept an idea for an upcoming project
- find out if ACM sells Copic markers
- go to ACM
- think of more things to do

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
- pay off all of our debt
- help Fred open a restaurant
- buy a new house
- build am awesome craft room
- give money to my family

5 bad habits I have
- picking at my fingers
- biting my lips
- sitting on the toilet way too long reading magazines
- smoking
- i really cant think of anymore

5 places I've lived (I only have 4 for this)
- Floral Park, NY
- New Paltz, NY
- Franklin Square, NY
- Montague NJ

5 jobs I've had:
- ceramics painter
- at a bakery
- Manager of a Quick Lube
- Production Manager
- Art Director

5 Favorite Books:
- Harry Potter
- Eat, Pray, Love
- Mary Magdalene
- Angels & Demons
- House of Medici

5 Favorite TV Shows:
- Criminal Minds
- CSI Miami
- Big Bang Theory
- Two and a Half Men
- How I Met Your Mother

and since I am a scrapper, I had to do this one:

5 Favorite Scrapbook Supplies:
- MM paint
- foam stamps
- embossing powder
- ink
- stamps

Jeez that was a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be!! I added a few of my own categories just to keep me busy a little while longer.