Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Atc's and me

So happy together! I am having so much fun creating these and trying out new techniques. I have been dying to play with my crackle paint. So I thought it would be a perfect medium for a "Vintage Christmas" ATC swap. I must say I was impressed. The crackle paints and distress inks work so nicely together. Give it up for t!m. Good stuff. And the best part was watching it crackle right before my eyes as I blasted it with the heat gun. It created a nice surface to rub the distress ink on. I really enjoyed making these. I am looking forward to some crafting time this 4 day weekend!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My latest obsession...

While honeymooning in AZ, we came across Frenzy Stamper. Wow! What a store! This was not an average scrapbook store, but a place geared more towards altered art, i.e. books, ATC's. If I had only known then that upon my return to the east coast, ATC's would be my new obsession.
When I finally got back to "normal" life (for lack of a better word) I was craving creativity. It had been months since I had scrapbooked or made a card or anything. I had been so involved with creating everything for my wedding. (invites, place cards, menus, etc). And while that was fun, I was seriously needing some uninhibited no holds barred cre-a-tivity!!! Not knowing where to begin I went here and began snurfing (as I like to call it). While there something rather magical happened. It is all a bit of a blur to me but I will explain as best as I can. I was poking around and somehow stumbled across ATC's. I thought this small venue would be a great way to jump start my creative juices. Next thing I know I am signed up for a "Glimmery Glitzy Christmas ATC Swap". Low and behold I was hooked. I found myself sitting in front of the tv surrounded by paper, inks, stickles, and my husband. This eventually led to a Friday night crop at Laura's where I was consumed with making ATC's. And I now have an arsenal of websites for swapping and suplies. I am even thinking of starting an ATC blog. Although, I have enough trouble staying on top of this one! LOL!

Anyway, here is my first ATC...

And some of my favorite places to swap:
Swap Bot
Collage Stuff
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I now pronounce you...

...back to reality! Yes, I am married and ready to return to normal life. Ahhh normal life as in not a life that revolves around planning a wedding. No more drama, tension, arguments, gifts I didn't register for, people saying "Look here! Smile!", picking out food, cake flavors, jewelry and dress fittings! My God with the dress fittings!! That in itself was enough to drive us insane. "Us" as in me and my mom. My wedding planner, coach, mentor, therapist, basically the seamstress of my life during the process. Sound crazy? IT WAS! I feel bad for people who have long engagements because my God when does it end!!
Now don't misunderstand - there is pretty much nothing I would change, nothing more I could have asked for. It was wonderful, perfect, all I had dreamed about. But I am glad the madness is over. So glad. Although it was worth it. The wedding was very "me". Thanks to my mom she did so much that I was able to put all the "Gina" touches on the night.
Like the place cards...

And the caramel apple favors...pictured here with my flowers and the table centerpieces

And now we will return to our regularly scheduled programming...