Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cheers to you Ms. Lawn Guyland

So it figures I move all the way to bafongul NJ and become friends with an awesome girl - who lives on Long Island!! Irony, gets me every time!! Anyway, today I just want to shout out to Laura. Not much more to say other than "Girl You Rock!!" She knows why and none of you need to know why. Just know that SHE ROCKS!! And she sent me this picture. Elmyra Hearts you girl!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Lions & Tigers & Bears....


Ok Elmyra, deep breath. Yesterday we went to Space Farms. Fred's friend Jamie was visiting from Ohio and brought his daughter. She is almost 6 but I think Fred & I were bigger kids than her. I was not feeling well so I was a little off my game, but still had a blast squeezing my hands through the fence to touch the animals.

My favorite were definitely the little piglets. They were so cute!! ''

I love animlas, sometimes I wish I lived on a farm.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Puggy Love

Yesterday Fred & I were out running errands and I of course NEEDED to stop by Sparta Stationary since we were in the area. So I walk in and see my buddy Genia and she points behind the counter. This is when it happened. I almost died!! There laying in a blanket was a little baby pug. I immediately put my arms out and Genia passed him to me. He was the cutest thing ever!!! Denise, the store owner just got this little cutie. His name is Jake and he is only 9 weeks old!! I could not put him down. He was the sweetest little thing. I have been wanting a pug for awhile now but since we already have 4 felines running around the house, I doubt it's in the near future. So I will just have to go visit Jake. What more could I ask for?? Awesome store & a pug to play with, and great people too!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


This Saturday was such a good Fred & Gina day!! We went out for one of our "drives" which always seem to turn into some sort of an adventure. The one rule: no specified destination. Sometimes there is a starting point, i.e. the diner, the barber shop. Both of those were actually Saturday's starting point. We went to Blairstown (where Fred used to live before moving to Montgaue). He got his hair cut then we went across the street to the diner. We stopped at the german deli for some beef jerky and then we were off...
We made a few stops here and there, some local produce stands mainly. Then it happened... i saw a sign for home made ice cream!! But...the place had a petting zoo!!!! Of course me being the Elmyra that I am started panting at the thought of getting to play with animlas!! Of course Fred was more than happy to pullover exclaiming "OK, Elmyra calm down!!!" It was so cool. We got to feed the goats and pet them. I was just loving it!! Then we had some delicious homemade ice cream. I love days like these...

This guy wa sso funny. He had a "goat" tee!!

I love him, he's so cute!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Just some layouts...

A few recent layouts I did....

I used the new glitter pen on this. I love it!! It writes so smooth and I love the way it sparkles...

Here I learned to not get the heat gun too close to the photograph. Today is actually Erin's birthday.