Thursday, August 9, 2007


This Saturday was such a good Fred & Gina day!! We went out for one of our "drives" which always seem to turn into some sort of an adventure. The one rule: no specified destination. Sometimes there is a starting point, i.e. the diner, the barber shop. Both of those were actually Saturday's starting point. We went to Blairstown (where Fred used to live before moving to Montgaue). He got his hair cut then we went across the street to the diner. We stopped at the german deli for some beef jerky and then we were off...
We made a few stops here and there, some local produce stands mainly. Then it happened... i saw a sign for home made ice cream!! But...the place had a petting zoo!!!! Of course me being the Elmyra that I am started panting at the thought of getting to play with animlas!! Of course Fred was more than happy to pullover exclaiming "OK, Elmyra calm down!!!" It was so cool. We got to feed the goats and pet them. I was just loving it!! Then we had some delicious homemade ice cream. I love days like these...

This guy wa sso funny. He had a "goat" tee!!

I love him, he's so cute!

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Laura said...

Are goats supposed to look stoned?

just kidding, elmyra!! =)