Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Becoming a Bride

That's what I am doing...apparently. I did get my dress and veil so I guess I am on my way. That experience turned out a lot better than I expected. Me & my mom had a lot of fun. We started the day off with manis & pedis, went to the diner for breakfast and then the shopping began. The dress I chose was the second one I tried on. I have to say, I never expected to find something that I loved so much and actually thought made me look pretty. The dress is gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it. I got my veil to match. That was so much fun, when we got home I was walking around with my veil on. I didn't want to take it off. Being a bride is more fun than I thought it would be!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Classes At Riverside Scrapbook Co.

"Love Story"
Celebrate Valentine's Day by telling your "Love Story". Relieve the journey with this special mini album. There is room to retell all the juicy details from how you met to your first kiss and plenty of room for photos! There are also pockets to hold all your cherished memorabilia such as letters and ticket stubs. Learn some new techniques with foam, stamps, and paint. And finally get to play with that Glimmer Mist everyone has been talking about. This is a great gift for your partner or a wonderful way to document the story for future generations.
Please bring basic class kit. Cost: $20
Dates: Wed., Feb. 6, 7pm-9pm OR Sat., Feb. 9, 10am-12pm

"Valentine's Cards"
Spread the love this Valentine's Day by being your very own cupid! Make Valentine's cards to share with your loved ones. Celebrate the season of love while learning some new techniques at the same time! We will make 4 cards using techniques including embossing, emboss resist, distress inks and paper distressing. 2 of the cards are 3D!
Please bring basic class kit. Cost: $15
Dates: Wed., Jan 30, 7pm-9pm OR Sat., Feb. 2, 10am-12pm

Monday, January 14, 2008

NYC's Celeb Magnet

Move over Perez Hilton! There is a new celebrity magnet in my life. My friend Michael has yet to fail me. I never told Fred specifically about Michael constantly ending up in the same place at the same time as various celebs. I only mentioned a few stories here & there in fear of getting his hopes up. I should have known that this day was going to be no different than any other trip to visit Michael in NYC.
It was sheer pleasure right from the begining. We hit no traffic and made it into Manhattan in great time. Threw the car in a garage and headed up the 4 flight of stairs to Michael's apartment in the sky. Ok, well everything but the stairs were sheer pleasure. When I called him from downstairs to get the code, I exclaimed, "See you in half an hour". I take my time hoofing it up those bad boys!
We hungout at the apartment for a bit then cabbed it over to see the Blue Men. Originally Fred & I were sitting in Row 2 and Michael in Row 1, but he switched with some kids so we could all sit together. This worked out great becuase Michael was able to sneak some pictures. I attempted but my Catholic schoolgirl guilt got the best of me. So Michael snapped this shot of Fred & I in our "Blue Man Group Attire"-ponchos and headbands made of streamers.

After the show we had photo ops with the Blue Men. Surprisingly we walked away with no paint stains on us!! Although some mushed bananas did get under my poncho somehow. Luckily we were going back to Michael's house to change before dinner.

But, not without a stop at Crumbs of course. Yummy!! Cupcakes in all sorts of flavors!! Ok, back to the story. Up the stairs to hell again. Change for dinner relax for a few minutes then on to Becco. All day we were joking around about having dinner "with Lidia". Michael used some silly accent carrying on about ridiculous things he would say to her. Finally Fred told me to stop becuase she wasn't going to be there. I knew otherwise. I just had that feeling and my celebrity lucky charm. I also had a great deal of hope becuase I knew meeting Lidia would make Fred's night. And it certainly did!
I was talking to Fred shortly after we sat down and happened to glance over his shoulder. I noticed her immediately. Lidia Bastianich was standing there talking to a table of people. I grabbed Fred's arm, shaking and just kept repeating his name until he looked in her direction. Sad to admit, we were both completely starstruck. I was more excited for Fred becuase I know the feeling. I was lucky enough one day (when in NYC with Michael of course) to meet my favorite living artist, Chuck Close. It was such an overwhelming experience. Fred went up and got Lidia's book and when she finished at the table next to us, I asked her if she would sign Fred's book, excitedly explaining that it was his birthday and he is also a chef. She was very nice, even asked where he was a chef. The only words he could manage to speak were "New Jersey". I give him a lot of credit though, when I met Chuck Close I had tears coming down my face. She posed for a picture with Fred and just as she was about to step away, Michael (who had a little wine in him) exclaims "Well we are starving so I hope the food is good!". Leave it to Michael! Attract the celebrity than say something like that! I have to admit, it was pretty funny. She smiled politely and said, "Well we have plenty to eat!" Needless to say that euphoria lasted the rest of the weekend. When we woke up Sunday morning, the first thing we said was "We met Lidia yesterday". The best part for me - making Fred's birthday special.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Time Management

As many of you know (since I bitch about it, often incessantly) I have one long ass commute to work every day. 150 miles roundtrip. Which as I mentioned you probably already know since it is one my favorite topices of complaint. Well since I am realizing what a slow process it is to sell a house, I figure I better get better at my time manangement skills. I have very little time in the evenings to do much of anything. But I am trying to put what little time I have on a weeknight to good use. If I do a little bit each night, by the time the weekend rolls around I have actually done something! Who would've guessed?!?!
OK, wait! I can not take full credit for this little epiphany of mine. It all stems from my friend Theresa.
Let me start at the begining...
A few weeks ago I was cropping with Theresa and a few others at RSS. After Theresa finished a layout. She used the scraps to make a quick yet fabulous card. I thought this was a great idea. All your supplies are already out and how often do you ever go back and use your scraps? See, it has become taboo for me to give anyone in my family store bought cards. They think just because I house an arsenal of paper, scissors and adhesive, that I am therefore obliged to only give hand made cards. And my darling fiance seems to think the signature on my ass says "Hallmark" and not "Xavier Roberts". LOL! Anyway, I find myself constantly scurrying around to make a birthday card just minutes before I am about to leave for the birthday party. And, have said to myself on every occassion "You really should just make a bunch of cards ahead of time and avoid this last minute panic." Although I have to admit, last minute panic is what got me through college. So while I was making a card for Fred's birthday, I used the extras and made a second card. I was very proud of myself for using my time wisely. All my supplies were already out. It took mere minutes. The only problem is - I made one extra card but am going to need 3 this month. At least I tried!! Thanks Theresa for your inspiration!
But, it is a step in the right direction. It's only a little over a week into the year and I have already done quite a bit. I amon top of my class prep, made one extra birthday card. What's next?!?! Maybe you should wait and see....

This is the card I made for Fred. It is fitting for many reasons. He is a chef. He loves Peanut M&M's (yes mom, I said peanut). And inside was a poem about how we go together. I know it's cheesy but he is my favorite person to make things for. Although my mom runs a close second. It's fun to make things for her becuase she always cries. I know how good the project is by how much she cries!

And this is the card I made with the leftovers. Still not sure who this is going to but I think I have a good idea.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thought Process

So I was surfing the web and on my google homepage, this was the "Random Cat Photo" of the day. Pretty Random that I would swear my animal loving life that it is a picture of Bailey. But I'll let you decide.

Random Cat Photo


So anyway, after I stared at the photos for a few minutes, I started thinking again about how this silly picture of Bailey & Hazel had already become an anchor to my year. It represents so much for me and a lot of what I hope is in store for 2008. As I explained yesterday, this was a surprise considering a year ago Bailey would not even be in the same room with a cat. We have made similar journeys. I look at the picture and I am reminded that it is time I am adjusted to life in NJ. I need to stop worrying about things and just kick back and relax. I have to stop paying attention to the meaningless details and just take things for what they are. And I need to be comfortable in my surroundings. Who knew Bailey could stir up so much emotion in me and lead me to be so profound? Regardless, this picture is certainly going to serve as an anchor for me. Not only for all the things I mentioned, but also as a reminder of how much I love my kitties!! Just an added bonus. And that feeling of feline love is what led me to this layout..

Monday, January 7, 2008

The difference a year can make

So it's 2008. This scene got me thinking. You see this a huge difference in Bailey's behavior from a year ago. He would not be in the same room with another cat, let alone within a few inches!! When I brought Bailey to live at Fred's with me, he had never seen another cat. He was so freaked, he ran into the bathroom and spent two days hiding between the toilet & the tub, and the two days after that hiding in the closet in the spare room. Eventually he moved to the top of the cabinets in the kitchen. Basically, he went anywhere he thought one of the other cats could not get him. It took months before he would come up into our bedroom. Even if we carried him up, he would run right back downstairs. This was hard for me. When it was just Bailey & I living in my apartment, he slept next to me, on my arm, every night. So you can imagine how upset I was that I could hardly get him to get off the cabinets. Much to my happiness, little by little things changed. And, as you can now see, Bailey has taken a liking to not only coming upstairs, but cuddling on our bed with Hazel. This is a long cry from the way he was a year ago. Hence, I realized there are many differences from one year ago. I think this would be a good scrapbook page. So I started to make this list and hopefully one of these days I will get to scrapping it.

In 2007:

- I got engaged.

- Fred's brother adopted a son & a daughter.

- Fred's sister had her third girl.

- My brother's business moved to a bigger building.

- I started teaching scrapbook classes again.

- I got a scrapbook page published.

- My brother got married.

- Fred started a new job.

- My mom had her gall bladder removed.

- My dad became vice president of his motorcycle club.

- My dad became Shop Stewart at his job.

- I met Laura.

- Michelle & Scott got married.

- Rob & Jen got engaged.

- Stacey & Scott got married.

- Jimmy was born.

- I had 3 car accidents.

- I got a speeding ticket.

- Fred had a car accident.

I am sure there is much more but this all I can think of right now. It's funny to think of how much life can change in just 365 days. In the grand scheme, that is basically the blink of an eye. I wonder what 2008 holds...I know already one major change is going to happen!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Allow Myself to introduce myself...

It is finally official...all the members of our bridal party have accepted their positions and the wedding planning shall begin!! I would like to take this moment to introduce you to everyone. Starting from the left and working across the top row, then onto the next row:
Carmela, Maid of Honor - my mother
Nicolena - my cousin
Kim - Fred's sister
Stacey - my friend
Erin - my friend
Jill - my brother's wife
Michelle - my cousin
Olivia - my cousin Mike's daughter
Andrew - my cousin Mike's son
Mike W., Best Man - Fred's friend
Kevin - Fred's brother
Jamie - Fred's friend
Mike M. - my cousin
Nick - my brother
Jim - Fred's friend, (also Mike W.'s brother)
Madison - Fred's niece (Kim's daughter)

And there you have it. I have to admit I am pretty darn excited! I always wanted a big bridal party. This worked out perfectly. Fred & I are the last children of our immediate families to get married. So I really wanted all our siblings included. It's great that we really like each other's siblings so much. And also, my cousin Mike. He is really one of my best friends. I wanted him included in our special day and it worked out perfectly. Fred & Mike get along very well and Fred had admitted that he intended on asking Michael anyway. Now that the holidays are over and the planning is begining, not only am I getting really excited, but I realize I have so much to do. My mom is in full swing planning mode, which is good becuase it made me realize I need to get cracking. Afterall, in 9 months, 27 days & 7 1/2 hours - I WILL BE MARRYING FRED!!! LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!