Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thought Process

So I was surfing the web and on my google homepage, this was the "Random Cat Photo" of the day. Pretty Random that I would swear my animal loving life that it is a picture of Bailey. But I'll let you decide.

Random Cat Photo


So anyway, after I stared at the photos for a few minutes, I started thinking again about how this silly picture of Bailey & Hazel had already become an anchor to my year. It represents so much for me and a lot of what I hope is in store for 2008. As I explained yesterday, this was a surprise considering a year ago Bailey would not even be in the same room with a cat. We have made similar journeys. I look at the picture and I am reminded that it is time I am adjusted to life in NJ. I need to stop worrying about things and just kick back and relax. I have to stop paying attention to the meaningless details and just take things for what they are. And I need to be comfortable in my surroundings. Who knew Bailey could stir up so much emotion in me and lead me to be so profound? Regardless, this picture is certainly going to serve as an anchor for me. Not only for all the things I mentioned, but also as a reminder of how much I love my kitties!! Just an added bonus. And that feeling of feline love is what led me to this layout..

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Theresa said...

I hope they wash that bowl out before they use it to make a cake, LOL.