Friday, January 4, 2008

Allow Myself to introduce myself...

It is finally official...all the members of our bridal party have accepted their positions and the wedding planning shall begin!! I would like to take this moment to introduce you to everyone. Starting from the left and working across the top row, then onto the next row:
Carmela, Maid of Honor - my mother
Nicolena - my cousin
Kim - Fred's sister
Stacey - my friend
Erin - my friend
Jill - my brother's wife
Michelle - my cousin
Olivia - my cousin Mike's daughter
Andrew - my cousin Mike's son
Mike W., Best Man - Fred's friend
Kevin - Fred's brother
Jamie - Fred's friend
Mike M. - my cousin
Nick - my brother
Jim - Fred's friend, (also Mike W.'s brother)
Madison - Fred's niece (Kim's daughter)

And there you have it. I have to admit I am pretty darn excited! I always wanted a big bridal party. This worked out perfectly. Fred & I are the last children of our immediate families to get married. So I really wanted all our siblings included. It's great that we really like each other's siblings so much. And also, my cousin Mike. He is really one of my best friends. I wanted him included in our special day and it worked out perfectly. Fred & Mike get along very well and Fred had admitted that he intended on asking Michael anyway. Now that the holidays are over and the planning is begining, not only am I getting really excited, but I realize I have so much to do. My mom is in full swing planning mode, which is good becuase it made me realize I need to get cracking. Afterall, in 9 months, 27 days & 7 1/2 hours - I WILL BE MARRYING FRED!!! LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!

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Theresa said...

Congrats Gina! That a big wedding party!!
Is your layout digital?
How did you get the 'email this post to a friend' icon to show up at the bottom of your posts?