Monday, January 7, 2008

The difference a year can make

So it's 2008. This scene got me thinking. You see this a huge difference in Bailey's behavior from a year ago. He would not be in the same room with another cat, let alone within a few inches!! When I brought Bailey to live at Fred's with me, he had never seen another cat. He was so freaked, he ran into the bathroom and spent two days hiding between the toilet & the tub, and the two days after that hiding in the closet in the spare room. Eventually he moved to the top of the cabinets in the kitchen. Basically, he went anywhere he thought one of the other cats could not get him. It took months before he would come up into our bedroom. Even if we carried him up, he would run right back downstairs. This was hard for me. When it was just Bailey & I living in my apartment, he slept next to me, on my arm, every night. So you can imagine how upset I was that I could hardly get him to get off the cabinets. Much to my happiness, little by little things changed. And, as you can now see, Bailey has taken a liking to not only coming upstairs, but cuddling on our bed with Hazel. This is a long cry from the way he was a year ago. Hence, I realized there are many differences from one year ago. I think this would be a good scrapbook page. So I started to make this list and hopefully one of these days I will get to scrapping it.

In 2007:

- I got engaged.

- Fred's brother adopted a son & a daughter.

- Fred's sister had her third girl.

- My brother's business moved to a bigger building.

- I started teaching scrapbook classes again.

- I got a scrapbook page published.

- My brother got married.

- Fred started a new job.

- My mom had her gall bladder removed.

- My dad became vice president of his motorcycle club.

- My dad became Shop Stewart at his job.

- I met Laura.

- Michelle & Scott got married.

- Rob & Jen got engaged.

- Stacey & Scott got married.

- Jimmy was born.

- I had 3 car accidents.

- I got a speeding ticket.

- Fred had a car accident.

I am sure there is much more but this all I can think of right now. It's funny to think of how much life can change in just 365 days. In the grand scheme, that is basically the blink of an eye. I wonder what 2008 holds...I know already one major change is going to happen!!

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