Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Time Management

As many of you know (since I bitch about it, often incessantly) I have one long ass commute to work every day. 150 miles roundtrip. Which as I mentioned you probably already know since it is one my favorite topices of complaint. Well since I am realizing what a slow process it is to sell a house, I figure I better get better at my time manangement skills. I have very little time in the evenings to do much of anything. But I am trying to put what little time I have on a weeknight to good use. If I do a little bit each night, by the time the weekend rolls around I have actually done something! Who would've guessed?!?!
OK, wait! I can not take full credit for this little epiphany of mine. It all stems from my friend Theresa.
Let me start at the begining...
A few weeks ago I was cropping with Theresa and a few others at RSS. After Theresa finished a layout. She used the scraps to make a quick yet fabulous card. I thought this was a great idea. All your supplies are already out and how often do you ever go back and use your scraps? See, it has become taboo for me to give anyone in my family store bought cards. They think just because I house an arsenal of paper, scissors and adhesive, that I am therefore obliged to only give hand made cards. And my darling fiance seems to think the signature on my ass says "Hallmark" and not "Xavier Roberts". LOL! Anyway, I find myself constantly scurrying around to make a birthday card just minutes before I am about to leave for the birthday party. And, have said to myself on every occassion "You really should just make a bunch of cards ahead of time and avoid this last minute panic." Although I have to admit, last minute panic is what got me through college. So while I was making a card for Fred's birthday, I used the extras and made a second card. I was very proud of myself for using my time wisely. All my supplies were already out. It took mere minutes. The only problem is - I made one extra card but am going to need 3 this month. At least I tried!! Thanks Theresa for your inspiration!
But, it is a step in the right direction. It's only a little over a week into the year and I have already done quite a bit. I amon top of my class prep, made one extra birthday card. What's next?!?! Maybe you should wait and see....

This is the card I made for Fred. It is fitting for many reasons. He is a chef. He loves Peanut M&M's (yes mom, I said peanut). And inside was a poem about how we go together. I know it's cheesy but he is my favorite person to make things for. Although my mom runs a close second. It's fun to make things for her becuase she always cries. I know how good the project is by how much she cries!

And this is the card I made with the leftovers. Still not sure who this is going to but I think I have a good idea.

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Theresa said...

Happy to help...those are really cute cards. The trick for me is remembering to mail them on time (for those that must be mailed.) So I put all my birthdays on my google calendar, which can be linked to the blogger blogs, and now google sends me a reminder via e-mail.