Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My latest obsession...

While honeymooning in AZ, we came across Frenzy Stamper. Wow! What a store! This was not an average scrapbook store, but a place geared more towards altered art, i.e. books, ATC's. If I had only known then that upon my return to the east coast, ATC's would be my new obsession.
When I finally got back to "normal" life (for lack of a better word) I was craving creativity. It had been months since I had scrapbooked or made a card or anything. I had been so involved with creating everything for my wedding. (invites, place cards, menus, etc). And while that was fun, I was seriously needing some uninhibited no holds barred cre-a-tivity!!! Not knowing where to begin I went here and began snurfing (as I like to call it). While there something rather magical happened. It is all a bit of a blur to me but I will explain as best as I can. I was poking around and somehow stumbled across ATC's. I thought this small venue would be a great way to jump start my creative juices. Next thing I know I am signed up for a "Glimmery Glitzy Christmas ATC Swap". Low and behold I was hooked. I found myself sitting in front of the tv surrounded by paper, inks, stickles, and my husband. This eventually led to a Friday night crop at Laura's where I was consumed with making ATC's. And I now have an arsenal of websites for swapping and suplies. I am even thinking of starting an ATC blog. Although, I have enough trouble staying on top of this one! LOL!

Anyway, here is my first ATC...

And some of my favorite places to swap:
Swap Bot
Collage Stuff
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