Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Silent Morning

Mornings are very quiet for me, however filled with many things to be thankful for. I always have morning buddies. There is always some combination of Merv, Pinto, Bailey and/or Hazel around. This particular morning Hazel & Bailey were hanging out. Bailey usually follows me everywhere. Here he was sitting on the tub while I brushed my hair. It seems that he thinks since his body is hidden no one can see him. He's silly like that.

Then I caught a glimpse of Hazel running into the closet so I went to see what she was doing. Apparently she was cleaning herself - incognito!! No surprise becuase she certainly never cleans herself in front of anyone. There is a reason why we call her stinky.

She kinda meanders around until I am ready to put my makeup on. Then our time comes. As soon as I sit on the bed she curls up right next to me as close as she can get. That's where she stays. Even when I leave, she will still be sitting there curled up on the bed.

When I did leave this morning, I was a little surprised. I thought the snow had stopped. I was wrong, it was lightly falling and was so peaceful. It's moments like this that I am greatful to have the experience of living in the country. It was so silent and still. When I move on from here I will have to remember to look back on moments like these.

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