Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturday in my craft room

Today was a good day spent. We got lots of odds & ends done. While Fred did some baking I was hanging out in my craft room. (a.k.a. the spare room) When I moved in, Fred said I could have the spare room as my scrapbook room. All he asked was that I kept the bed in there for when we have visitors. So, I pushed the bed as far into the corner as I could get it and took over the rest of the room. I found plate shelves at IKEA that worked great for things like stamps, stickles, ink pads, etc. I had a butcher block also bought from IKEA that I dragged with me when I moved from Long Island. My craft table and bookshelves are also (you guessed it!) from IKEA. Now mind you, I have been here for over year. I figured it was finally time to share. So here it is, the room where I don't get to spend nearly enough time...

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