Wednesday, December 5, 2007

NBC Fun!!!

My friend Laura rocks!! This morning she sent me a link to a blog with free Nightmare Before Christmas brushes for Photoshop. Oh what fun!! I had already been contemplating working on some digital layouts and perhaps downloading some new stuff. Once I saw this I was off and running. These were so fun to play with. If anyone needs help on how to install and use these or even how to create your own brushes from just about anything, please feel free to email me!

So Fred & I have been watching Tin Man on Sci-Fi since Sunday night. Or I should say Fred has been watching it. Since I have been battling a cold since Sunday, I have been fast asleep by almost 9:00 every night. He did say it was getting better and better. But, we did both come to the conclusion that Zooey Deschanel is just a really bad actress. We both agreed this would have been a better watch with someone else playing the lead role. It's weird becuase I was wowed by her in Elf. But that could be becuase I am a sucker for stupid Will Ferrell comedy and that is since my favorite movie. But after seeing her in Tin Man, I changed my mind. She seems like a robot. Nothing she says has any feeling. I was shocked to find out that she will be playing Janis Joplin in the upcoming "Gospel According to Janis". I'm interested to see how she pulls this off. And that's all I got for today!

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