Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Krispy Treat Saga

As a kid Rice Krispie Treats were my FAVORITE. In 8th grade when we had to do a demonstrative speech, I taught everyone how to make Rice Krispie Treats. You can imagine how excited I was the first time I notice that Starbucks sold Rice Kripie Treats. Although, they were better. MUCH better. They call them Krispy Rice Squares, or something to that effect. They are much much bigger than an average RKT. And they are less sticky, much more dense. I love them.
So the other day at work I shared this story with my co-workers. This is a true story that happened on my way home from work not too long ago.
I stopped at a rest stop on the NY Thruway. I went to Starbucks, ordered my usual. As I walked to the car, I noticed the bag that held my block of marshmallow krispy goodness, was lighter than usual. I got to the car and I was astonished when I removed it from the bag. It was about a third of the size it normally is and was clearly NOT a Starbucks Krispy Rice Square. How was I sure you ask....have you ever bought the pre-packaged RKT in the store? You know the ones you put in your kids lunchbox. (BTW, do kids still take lunch boxes to school?) Anyway, they come pre-wrapped in a blue foil package. Well when I took my treat out of the Starbucks baggie and turned it over, what to my wondering eyes did appear.....A PIECE OF BLUE FOIL WRAPPER STUCK TO IT, MY DEAR!!!!!! Those mother f*&^ers at Starbucks took a Kellogs RKT, unwrapped it and put it on the shelf and sold it as their own. MAN WAS I PISSED. What action did I take, you ask? I wrote to Starbucks. They sent me coupons for free drinks. WHAT ABOUT MY KRISPY RICE SQUARE, DAMMIT!!! My co-workers laughed. I am forever scarred.

When I came into work this morning, this was on my desk.

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