Friday, November 30, 2007

Anyone care for an update?

Ok, I realize there are about 2 of you out there who actually read this and that may even be an exaggeration. But I like to pretend I have a great big audience of adoring fans who wait patiently for each of my blog postings!! HAAA!!! Well a girl can dream, right?? But for those of you who do actually read my nonsense (I mean the ones who do it willingly, not the ones I force), I thank you, all one of you.
So here is an update on the bridal party for those of you interested in wedding news....I had previously forgot to put the kids in so I added them. And I know that is a silly picture of Jamie, but that is all I could find. It's from when we went to Space Farm this summer. Him and Becca posed in an old fashioned jail cell.

So not much other news around here. I have been a little blah this week. Just homesick I think. Sometimes the commute gets to me too. I do 150 miles round trip each day. It gets a little grueling. Although I have mastered eating McDonalds's cinnamon melts while driving 80 miles per...uh...I mean while driving the speed limit of course!! For those of you who have tried these gooey morsels, you know that is impressive!! Although if Fred reads this (which I am sure he will because other wise he hears "did you read my blog?" every 10 minutes) he is gonna have a shit fit on me. He says I do too many other things while driving. But let's face it - I spend 1/4 of my waking hours a day in the car. (I just figured that out!! Damn!!!)

My mom is coming to Paramus tonight. I am super excited for that. Her and Aunt Ro are meeting me after work. I am taking them to the Christmas Tree Shoppe. There are non of those on Long Island. And, for those of you who know my mom well enough, know that she leaves no shopping opportunity undiscovered. So, she is crossing the river, not to see her daughter, not to see where I work, but to SHOP!!! Well I am sure she is happy to see me also!!

And a random cute photo to say Happy Friday everyone!!!!!! Hope your weekend ROCKS!!!!

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