Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Happenings

It seems as though Fred & I are on the uphill climb of goodness these days. I always see life as a big circle. It goes around and around through the good and the not so good. Right now we are on GREAT!!!
Friday night I asked Stacey & Erin to be in my wedding. They were excited. I am so lucky to have such great friends. It was so awesome to see them, I wish I could spend time with them more often. I saw some beautiful pictures from Stacey & Scott's wedding.
This past Saturday we booked our hall for our wedding reception. There was one place that I was really hoping for but did not think it was gonna happen. It ended up being the first place we visited and the last!! Our reception will be held at Westbury Manor, Westbury NY. The place is so pretty and there are lots of fun surprises planned!!

On Sunday (As if things could get any better right now) I was asked to be part of something very special for 2008. I am not at liberty to discuss but promise to post details as soon as I can.

Yesterday (Nov. 12) was Bailey's 4th birthday. I have had that little guy for 3 1/2 years now. I fed him some chicken that Fred made and we sang to him. Thanks to my cousin Mike for remembering. He always does. One of the many reasons I love him. Here is a picture from 2005 of Bailey & his grandma in my old apartment.

So as it currently stands our wedding party line up is as follows: (We still have not had the opportunity to ask everyone, so check back for updates)

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