Wednesday, November 7, 2007

OMG it's an SB LO!!

So I realized despite the title of my blog, I have not been holding true. So I pulled this layout out last night (that I started 2 months ago) and finished it up to post. It's not one of my more creative or artistic layouts. But I like it because it documents a funny part of life that Fred & I share.
I often enjoy scrpping about some specific part of my life, routine, etc. instead of the typical events. "Slap Cadillac" is this silly game we play when we are in the car together. It developed from "Punch Buggy". After the first time I "Punch Buggy-ed" Fred, he "Slap Cadillac-ed" me. I looked at him with total confusion and said "Did you just make that up?" He insisted this was a game he played in the car growing up. So of course my wheels started turning and I soon came up with "Cruiser Bruiser" as in PT Cruiser. I will admit this was not my first attempt. There were a few that didn't make the final cut. (i.e. Hug Me Honda, Nuggie Nissan - all difficult to do while driving). "Cruiser Bruiser" had a nice ring to it. It stuck. So now our car game consists of "Punch Buggy", "Slap Cadillac" & "Cruiser Bruiser".

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Laura said...

Has it really been two months? I saw you working on this at Jen's house last month...oh no, wait! It HAS been two months!