Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coming Soon To A Mailbox Near You!

(Good one Laura! LOL!) Well it finally happened. The wedding invitations have been dropped off at the post office. 66 days to the wedding and 71 invitations later.

And now without further delay, it is my honor to introduce you to the "Wedding Invitation Design Team":

Carmela (Mom)

Hailing from Long Island, Carmela (also the wedding planner) exhibited much patience when helping with the invitations. She quickly learned how to emboss the right way, my way. She is now a wiz with the heat gun!

Fred (fiance)

A Philadelphia native and also an exhibitor of extreme patience, Fred has become master of the paper cutter. He also learned to perfectly place stamps in the corner of the envelope.

Laura (awesomeness)

Laura did not lose her shit when things wouldn't work right. She kept it together for the both of us. Spending hours sitting at the counter she fed the envelopes through the printer one by one. Being full aware of my extreme anal retentiveness, she was sure to redo any that came out crooked. Laura is also honored to be invited to Batman's wedding.

I owe these 3 a lot. I cannot thank them enough for their help & patience in helping me make my wedding invitations a complete success! Love you guys!!


Laura said...

My purple envelope was already in my mailbox today. And with the hand-cancel, your photo postage was not ruined.

I got mail from the Dark Knight!!

Theresa said...

Hey Gina,
Hope the wedding preparations are coming along and you're not stressing too much.
You probably don't have time, but I tagged you on my blog: