Saturday, June 9, 2007

And then there were four...

When Fred & I heard Room For One More animal shelter was closing, we knew what we had to do. We went over there with full intentions of adding a new cat to our family. It was such a fun day! I even bumped into a fellow scrapbooker from my yahoo group, Jen Starr who adopted a kitty as well. She ended up with a sweetie named Mellie, although she changed it to Chloe. Definitely can't blame her for that one. (Hence: Smelly Cat...Smelly Cat...Pheobe from Friends) She was very cool and her kids were the cutest!! Anyway, Fred & I ended up with a calico cutie we named Hazel. I kinda knew she was going to end up with a food related name if Fred had anything to do with it. And of course...Hazlenut...Hazel. And so she is our new calico cat named Hazel.

So far she seems to be doing fine. She came in, got acquainted with everyone, checked out the diggs. The other kitties are adjusting. Now we have a big happy meowy family!

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