Wednesday, September 19, 2007


These past two mornings have had me in Elmyra heaven!! Yesterday I noticed Merv staring hardcore out the window. When I looked there was a few deer outside. When I left for work, they were still out there. So, I ran in the house and got some goodies for them (leftover french bread and bagels I brought back from LI) They chomped that stuff down. Once they realized I had food, they kept coming closer and closer. So last night Fred brought home all the leftover bagels and muffins (I actually ate those) and croissants (um... we had those for dinner). So this morning I left for work with a bag of bagels under my arm. One deer ate 4 bagels!!! I stood there feeding her for a good 10 minutes. Then all of a sudden she just walked away. I guess she was full. Hopefully I will see her tomrrow.

And just sharing this funny pic of Bailey & my toe.

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