Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kickin' it old school....Lawn Guyland style!!!

I was back in the old hood this weekend kickin it with my old school homies! What a blast!! Sunday was Stacey & Scott's wedding at the Crescent Beach Club in Bayville. It was magnificent!! The weather was perfect. The ceremony took place on the beach right at sunset. It was breathtaking!!

I got to see all my old buddies from my old job. It was awesome. I had that "at home" feeling I've not felt in awhile. I mean that feeling of being around old friends and people that are nice to you becuase they genuinely like & respect you. I got to see my old bosses, my cookie, and everyone else that used to be part of my everyday life.

I have to admit though, it was definitely bittersweet. I've learned that looking back is not always the best thing, definitely not the most comfortable. I think Fred knew it was a diificult time for me. At one point in the evening he looked at me and said "There are a million jobs but only one me & you." He's right. There is only one me & Fred and that is something I cherish more than anything. So as awesome as it was to be "home" this weekend, my real home is with Fred, wherever we are.


Anonymous said...

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Laura said...

Aaah! You were only two exits away from my house!!