Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Scrappy Good Weekend!!

Hi everyone, I know it's Tuesday and I am just blogging the weekend but oh well! I am a little late. And still not awake at this time. But let's see how it goes anyway...
So Friday was mellow. Fred & I hit the Chinese buffet in Sussex. It was all sorts of yum. Then we went home and I packed for the next day's crop at Creative Gatherings. Fred left for work Saturday morning around 5am so I was up and running by 8am. I was so excited for a day of cropping. Things were a little bumpy getting over there. There was some coffee spillage and sticky hands. But, I got there early and got a spot right in front so I didn't have far to lug my stuff in. I was so anxious I started working immediately on a Halloween layout. (I love Halloween!!) I spent 8 hours on the darn thing! But I love it. The rest of the day was sooo fun. I had awesome cropping buddies. And lots of laughs. I actually got 3 layouts done but haven't taken pictures. I promise I will share those this week. In the meantime here are a few I did about a month ago but don't think I ever shared. These were actually for a contest but I missed the deadline.

Sunday was another fantastic day. It was a Fred & Gina day. We headed out about 10:30am. First we stopped at the Jefferson Diner for some seriously good food. We totally understand why they were voted "Morris County's #1 Diner" - 3 years in a row!! Can I just say YUM!!!

THIS JUST IN: I just got an email from Laura stating that she might be moving to Franklin NJ. Since Fred & I are thinking about moving to Vernon - THIS COULD MEAN I MIGHT HAVE A FRIEND THAT LIVES 15 MINUTES AWAY!!

After that we headed down to Flemington to visit Pieces Of Time scrapbook store. That was awesome. I got a Halloween kit with lots of cool stuff, some new papers and some other scrappy goodness. After that I just wanted to head back home and scrapbook. We were originally supposed to go to Northlandz, but Fred asked if I minded a little drive, he had something else in mind. We headed over to New Hope, PA. Fred had mentioned before that he wanted to take me there. It was so nice!! A very cool artsy craftsy foodsy town, all the thngs I love!! We checked out some galleries, did a little shopping, ate some ice cream. (SHOCKER!) I live for days like these, just me & Fred off out and about. We shut our cell phones off (except for 5 minutes when I HAD to send this picture to Laura) Hmmm...my cheekbones look good when I am sucking down ice cream!

On the way home we stopped at New Orleans Steak House for dinner. It was a nice winding down to our day. Like I said, I live for these days. I had the best of both worlds this weekend - a day of scrapping and a day of Fred!!

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Laura said...

You kill me....like my life is a news flash to your friends and family! But I guess how it relates to your life is.