Friday, February 8, 2008

Shower Like A Rockstar

I must say I am impressed. If this is what a rockstar smells like, that's great. But it can't be. Especially after a show. It just smells too good. Let me explain. During my many hours of blog stalking, I came across lush. I was instantly enticed. Once I got a coupon for cheap shipping, I talked Laura into placing an order with me. It was like waiting for Christmas. It took many hours of delieration and web surfing to decide on my final purchases. I was only allowing my self a small treat as a reward for my recent promotion. I knew all the bonus money was going to bills, so I thought it would be ok to allow myself a small indulgence. Once I placed the order it seemed like an enternity before it arrived. I was constantly tracking online. And then finally I checked the package's progress and saw that it had ariived. Only there was nothing on my desk. I made it to reception in record time and between breathes of excitement asked the secretary if there was a package for me. "Oh yes, right here. I was just about to walk it back to you", she replies. But the box was already in my hands and I was on my way back to my desk. I tore it open like I was starving and it was a bucket of fried chicken. Ahhh...the smell. The smell. The smell. Way better than fried chicken. Instantly swirling around my nostrils. All the flavors mixing around. I brought it over to Lauren's desk and we smelled each item individually. (Except for some lotions Laura ordered becuase those were in plastic containers.) I really had no idea the magic that was in store for me.

The first time I showered with my new products was a bit awkward at first. I don't think I have used bar soap since Reagan was in the white house. Yet I held the Rock Star soap in my hand. This bar was a little square and clunky and the bubblegum color was a little weird. But let me tell you the foam that came out of this block of pink goodness. It was so creamy and smelled great. The scent may not be my absolute favorite, but I am certainly willing to experiment with other bars. I do have two more to try. I was impressed with how little I actually had to use. Which was also the case for the shampoo bar. My hair is so thick that I was a little worried when I saw how small it was. I go through shampoo and conditioner like Britney goes through depression medication. But I was pleasantly surprised. Just a little wipe of the wet bar across my hair and it was a release of wonder! My hair lathered up quickly and the smell was so delicious. This bar is supposed to have glitter in it to make your hair a little sparkly, but that didn't happen. Althouh my hair did smell pretty kick ass! It was one of the most enjoyable showers I have taken since the last time Fred & I...well we won't go there. Anyway, I was in such a little morning euphoria I started glancing around at all the little nuggets in my room that make me happy and thought I would share a few...

my vanity from the younger years

my favorite snuggly blanket covered in cat hair (the cats like to snuggle with me when I am wrapped in the blanket-and I am ok with that!)

This book that is so good I am forcing myself to read it slow so it doesn't end!

Happy Frosty Friday everyone!!

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