Monday, July 30, 2007

CKC & The Crotchfelt B&B

WOW!! What a whirlwind of a weekend!!! I don't even know where to begin...I guess at the begining. I left work Friday night and picked up Beth on my way home. Got to my house, Fred was all in a tizzy becuase the air conditioner fell and there was water leaking from the bedroom above the kitchen. "It's only water baby!!" Oh did I mention that the ac was resting on a little crappy table shoved in the doorway becuase we have no windows up there that an ac would fit in. So yes, it's our ghetto fabulous air conditioning system. Love it!!
Anyway, we finally left and I spent the first hour suffering from a migraine as we drove through a ridiculous rain storm. This trip was not starting off too good. We made it though and arrived safely at Fred's parents house a little after midnight. We snuck in to find our beds made, towels out and even presents on the bed from Fred & Annette's last trip. I hereby renamed their house "The Crotchfelt B&B". No accomodations could be sweeter than this!
We crashed immediately. I barely remember changing my clothes, I was so tired. The next morning we were up bright & early. Fred's dad gave us directions although we missed something in the translation and ended up getting lost. Either way we made it there just in time for me to meet Stacey Croninger!! I was so excited! She was so cool and what a great way to start off the day!!

Next we took our Rusty Pickle class. It was not as good as I had hoped and Beth had a little freak out moment when she thought she lost her ticket to the crop. Somehow it ended up in my bag?!?! But Beth won a Rusty Pickle door prize which was pretty cool and we did pick up a few neat techniques.
On our way out of class I bumped into my friend Jen. At first I thought it was a Jen look alike becuase I had forgotten that she died her hair blonde. She looked so cute!! We hungout and chatted for a bit. After that we hit the vendor fair for some SHOPPING!!! I got some really cool stuff. I bought mostly paper (becuase you know of course I don't have nearly enough at home!) And a few odds & ends. After the Expo we went to the mall and had dinner at Bennigan's ad then back to the convention center for the crop. I have to be honest in saying the crop was pretty dissapointing. There were no garbage bags on the table, the goody bag was just a copy of a magazine and it was quite a fiasco just to get a drink. Although I did get to meet Nori from my NJScrappers yahoo group which was very cool. I would have never known it was her if she hadn't won a prize!!

And, I did complete one layout using some of my new stuff. I used some new Sceninc Route Paper, gem brads from Eyelet Outlet and finally used my Making Memories kraft paper that I had searched all over for.

The rest of the weekend was great. Fred waited up for us Satruday night. The Crotchfelt B&B was actually only 20 minutes from the convention center (since we did not get lost on the way home) Sunday morning we went to church and then Fred's parents took us out to breakfast. We hung out at the house for a bit then headed home. (Not without a stop at Rita's of course!)

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