Monday, July 16, 2007

Family Time

This weekend was a great time! Fred & I went to Long Island for Michelle's rehearsal dinner. (I can't believe my little cousin is getting married in 4 days!!!) We arrived at mom's on Saturday and she had lunch ready for us. Then we went over for my fitting and the bride to be showed up. She had to pick something up from the seamstress that is altering all our dresses. After that we went back to my mom's to get ready. I was excited. I had found a really cute dress only a few days before when I was looking for shoes. Dresses never fit me right so I was looking forward to getting dressed up. In the true essence of my bargain hunter mom, I got my dress for $21, my shoes for $11 and jewelery for $9.
So we met at the church and I was relieved to find out I would be walking down the aisle with my couisn Joey. Damn he makes me laugh!! After the church we went over to a restaurant and ate our faces off. Oh the food was so good, even Chef Fred said it was great!!! It was like an all night eating event.
Sunday morning we made breakfast with mom (dad was away all weekend) and then headed home. Here are a few pictures from the rehearsal dinner.

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