Monday, July 23, 2007

Wedding Weekend

Whew what a whirlwind weekend!!! I was on Long Island by 2pm Thursday afternoon and started running as soon as I stepped foot in my parents's appointment, manicure, pedicure, dress fitting, dinner with parents, drugstore (oops forgot a wedding card - Thank God for 24 hour Walgreen's!)
Friday was pretty much the same. I was up at 8:30 am with anxiety!! I was claiming that I will never get married because here I was all nervous and it was not even my wedding day. Although once I went around the corner to my cousins house, all was good. My uncle & aunts were in from Florida. Everyone was hanging out in their pj's having coffee & bagels. Ahhhh...nothing beats an A&S bagel !! At 12pm I was off to get my hair done which didn't happen until 1pm. Then at Michelle's by 3 to find Ms. Bride To Be cool as a cucumber! There she was hanging out in her froggy boxers and her dad's shirt like this was nothing at all!!

I must say, I definitely admire her cool, calm and collected style!!! It definitely made me calm down and the rest of the night was just a whole lotta fun!!! I saw tons of family I haven't seen in awhile, ate great food, had my very first slow dance with Fred. It was such a great time!! I can't wait til I get married!!

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