Monday, July 9, 2007

Wild Wild New Jersey...

It all started Friday night, I was walking past the door and noticed a big furry creature on the deck. I said "Ohh Fred there's a racoo..uh..2 3..4..holy crap there are 6!!! A mama and 5 babies were scurrying around looking for some eats. Of course I run for the camera and Fred grabs .... a sponge mop!!! Why?? Becuase the damn things were climbing up the side of the house!! After he finally shewed them all off I got to snapping some pictures.

Sunday - we are driving around the hood. Out comes Bambi! Once again..."Fred, stop the car, I need to take a picture!".

On my way to work this morning - mama and baby trotting across the road. Once again, stop the car, grab the camera. Just as I snap they turn and walk away. I know by the end of the summer I will get my shot! For now I will settle for deer buts.

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